Curfews for Locations and Quick Leave

Availability and Return Curfews can be created for your Locations and related Quick Leave events that will determine

  1.  When the Location becomes available to students to sign out to each day (called availability curfews), and
  2.  The latest return time allowable for Quick Leave sing outs to a location (called return curfews).

Availability Curfews

Availability Curfews for locations can be used to restrict when a location becomes available for a student to sign out to. These are time base curfews that determine if a location is displayed or not for students in their kiosk view for sign out.

Return Curfews

Return Curfews can be used to set a "latest" approved return time that will override any preset permitted time set for your Quick Leave location settings.  Students signing out to Quick Leave locations that have a curfew applied will have their return time limited to the curfew time when they sing out to a Quick Leave location.


How Curfews work in REACH

Consider a Local Shopping Centre location with the following settings;
     -  Quick Leave details have been set allowing for return time of 60 minutes
     -  Availability Curfew set for 3.45pm each day
     -  Return Curfew set for 5:30pm each day

Transactions possible then are;

1..  Student arrives to SISO at 3.40pm
Time is before Availability Curfew - Student cannot see the location and is unable to sign out to the location.

2..  Student arrives to SISO at 4:15pm 
Location is available - Student can sign out to the location and they are allocated 60 minutes at the location .... ie Return time = 5:15pm

3.  Student arrives to SISO at 4:40pm
Location is available - Student can sign out to the location however the Return Curfew overrides default time. Student in not signed out for 50 minutes only to meet the Return Curfew time.

How to set curfews

Curfews can be set for any of your locations in REACH.  The procedure for implementing Curfews is a two step process

  1.   Create the curfew profile   
  2.   Apply the curfew to your location

Important features about Curfews

  • You can create and maintain as many curfew profiles as you want.  
  • Curfews can control when any location is available for sign out and also the latest pre-approved return time for the location.
  • Your REACH portal subscription entitles you to 3 Curfews profiles as part of your standard subscription and you can upgrade to unlimited Curfews for $99 per annum.
  • You can apply more than one Curfew to any individual Location.
  • Curfews are not applied to Leave Requests because these are manually approved by staff in most instances and any relevant curfews can be managed as part of the leave approval procedure.

Creating Curfew Profiles

(Users require access to the System Configuration menu in order to set and apply curfews.  Find it at ... System Configuration > Curfews)

A Curfew profile contains settings to determine the Availability time setting and any Return time setting for each day of the week.

  1.  Create the Name of your Curfew Type

  2.  Set the availability and return time settings that you want for each day of the week

  Remember to Save your work.

Applying Curfews to Locations

(Users require access to the System Configuration menu in order to set and apply curfews.  Find it at ... System Configuration> Locations> Curfews Tab)

Once your Curfew profiles have been created you can then apply the Curfew profile to any Locations that you have created.

  1.  In the Locations Details screen open the Curfews Tab

  2.  For each Year group and for each day of the week you can set any of your Curfew profiles.